We're ExactTarget
We power relationships between brands and customers across all digital channels. Check out an overview of our products below, or visit exacttarget.com.au to learn more about ExactTarget.


About ExactTarget 

Marketers at our core, we have always believed in the power of relevant and targeted digital marketing communications. That’s why for more than a decade, it has been our mission to serve and inspire marketers of all regions, industries and organisational sizes by helping them better communicate with their customers through the digital channels they use most.

Across the globe, from our Asia Pacific headquarters in Australia to our Singapore office, we’re transforming how businesses connect with their customers using data-driven digital marketing.

Our Products

Our data-driven digital marketing products feature best-in-class email marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing, web personalisation, marketing automation, data & analytics and platform solutions. All are available freestanding or integrated through our Interactive Marketing Hub® and are designed to help you fuel the customer lifecycle, automate your marketing operations and improve ROI.

To learn more about ExactTarget’s products and services, visit our Asia Pacific website at exacttarget.com.au.